New study suggests cannabis users experience ‘noisy brain’ during rest – Regina Leader

When getting ready to hit the hay, the last thing a cannabis imbiber usually does, besides check their phone, is smoke a little weed to get in that dreamy mood. Indica has been lauded for its ability to help people — especially the very ill — get much needed rest. A new study, however, shows cortical activation during times of rest, compared to sober individuals.

One of the implications of what’s been termed “noisy brain” is that cannabis users exhibited increased synchronization — or activation — of most of the different brain waves. The scientists make the connection between the “noisy brain” activity in cannabis users in repose to similar results that happened with the addictive use of other drugs, like heroin and cocaine.

Whenever a new study comes out, though, the first place to look is where the funding is coming from. Because of cannabis’ status as a Schedule I drug

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