Can Canadian Online Cannabis Retailer Namaste Technologies Become The Amazon Of Cannabis?

A ladybug crawls on the leaf of a hemp plant grown for medical research in Thailand. (Photograph: Taylor Weidman/Bloomberg)

As the Canadian market prepares for the anticipated rise in the demand for recreational cannabis post its legalization in October, Namaste Technologies, (CVE:N), a leading online retailer of ancillary hardware cannabis products, is busy spreading its roots in the online cannabis market. Just like the large cannabis producers, Namaste’s stock has surged, rising from $0.21 per share in November 2017 to $3.55 per share at present. However, the company hasn’t stopped growing, and aims to become the “Amazon of Cannabis” in the coming years. For this, the company announced the pre-launch of an artificial intelligence-driven medical cannabis marketplace – – which will enable it to procure and sell medical cannabis from both domestic and international cultivators. In this note, we discuss how this move will augment Namaste Technologies’ plans

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