Study: Cannabis-derived CBD could help people quit tobacco

If quitting cigarettes seems like a monumental task, then maybe it’s time to try some cannabidiol (CBD).

A resounding amount of recently published studies are proving that the therapeutic compound derived from marijuana could help people smoke fewer cigarettes or quit them altogether.

A May study published in the journal Addiction found that CBD helped reduce the strength and satisfaction of smoking triggers such as images of ashtrays, lighters, or groups of smokers.

“Cannabidiol can reduce some aspects of nicotine withdrawal in dependent cigarette smokers, which include the attentional bias to and liking of drug cues, but did not affect craving withdrawal, cognition or impulsivity associated with withdrawal,” said researcher Chandni Hindocha, a doctoral student at the Clinical Psychopharmacology Unit of University College London. “This is likely because we gave people a single dose of the drug.”

Another study published this year

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