NRGene Discusses Partnership With Pure Cannabis Research AG to Develop New Cannabis Varieties

Two companies are joining forces to develop new cannabis varieties, and they’re prioritizing efficiency and sheer speed in this rapidly growing industry.

NRGene, a provider of genome sequencing and analysis, has partnered with Pure Cannabis Research AG, a Swiss breeding company and subsidiary of Pure Holding AG, to tailor new cannabis strains to fit customers’ needs.

To speed up the process, Pure Cannabis Research will use NRGene’s DeNovoMAGIC technology to assemble multiple cannabis genomes. The platform was used to assemble the first complete wheat genome and has since been used on other crops including potato, strawberry, barley, rye and oat.

Additionally, NRGene will employ its PanMAGIC technology to create what it says is the world’s first cannabis pangenome, a collection of sequences that provides insight into the natural genetic diversity of cannabis by comparing which genes are present in which strains.

NRGene’s GenoMAGIC technology will also be used during this project

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