Israeli firms team up to create kits for growing medical cannabis at home

Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a cannabis company based in the US and Israel that uses artificial intelligence and big data to develop cannabis-based treatments for cancer patients, is set to join forces with an Israeli maker of automated plant-growing home labs to create grow-it-yourself medical cannabis kits.

Cannabics is teaming up with Enroll Grow Tech Ltd., the maker of Seedo, which allows users to auto-grow plants at home without any experience, using an app that sends notifications and alerts and a fridge-like home lab equipped with sensors, a camera and other smart technologies to keep tabs on the plants’ progress.

“Through this new partnership, Cannabics and Seedo will develop the first controlled device for growing medical cannabis at home, ensuring sustainable quality and supply of natural, pesticide-free product,” the two companies said in a Wednesday statement.

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