Israel and Canada high on budding medical cannabis ties

Israel, the so-called Start-up Nation, could soon become known as the Silicon Valley of medical marijuana if leaders in the industry have their way. Israel’s medical cannabis sector is flourishing, thanks in part to growing business ties with Canada, which will officially legalize marijuana in October. Hundreds of millions of dollars in deals between Canadian and Israeli companies have already been inked, with investments covering innovative products treating a wide range of health issues—from cancer, to epilepsy, to sleep disorders.

Saul Kaye is the man behind the CannaTech conference—one of the biggest international events in the industry—which takes place each year in Israel.

“We have about 106 clinical trials running right now in cannabis and nowhere else in the world has been able to do that,” Kaye, who also founded the Israel-based company iCan, revealed to The Media Line.

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