New Austin CBD cannabis oil company wants to cure what ails you

When I meet Matthew Miller — better known as Mills — for the first time, it’s an early Thursday morning in June, and he’s sitting on the patio at Josephine House.

Donning yellow-tinted sunglasses and one of those white V-necks that looks casual yet expensive, Miller has just come from a training session. The one-wheel electric skateboard he rode from his workout to our interview is tucked underneath the white marble-topped table where it will sit while we drink green juices. (“To reduce inflammation,” he says.)

Miller’s Cali vibe seems more at home in a Silver Lake coffee shop than the Nantucket-inspired Clarksville cafe, but his uniform is actually that of a modern medicine man. As co-owner of Mineral Health, an Austin-based wellness company set to revolutionize the buzzy trend, Miller wants to elevate the public’s understanding — and consumption — of CBD oil. 

The inspiration for Mineral came, as things

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