This Shocking Percentage of Americans Believe Marijuana Has at Least 1 Benefit

In a little over two decades, the marijuana industry has come an incredibly long way in North America.

Back in 1995, cannabis was illegal throughout North America for medical and recreational use. Since then, we’ve witnessed Mexico legalize medical weed in June 2017, Canada legalize medical (2001) and recreational marijuana (2018), and observed 30 U.S. states give the green light to broad-sweeping medical cannabis laws. Of these 30 legalized states, nine also have given the thumbs-up to recreational pot, with eight allowing the sale of the drug in dispensaries to adults.

Image source: Getty Images.

The public pushes for change

What’s the impetus behind this big change? If you said money, you’d be partially correct. There’s certainly an incentive for local, state, provincial, and/or federal lawmakers throughout North America to consider legalizing weed. For example, the state of Colorado racked up $247 million in tax revenue from the sale of

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