Dash Funded Cannabis Research Reduces Need for GMOs

Dash’s partnership with Medicinal Genomics (MGC) is allowing a better understanding of the cannabis genome, which is enabling breeders and growers to increase their yields without relying on GMOs by making their plants’ immune systems more robust through other methods.

Dash Force News caught up with Kevin McKernan, the Chief Science Office of MGC, about how their research will aid entrepreneurs. He discussed how pathogens are a significant danger to cannabis breeders and growers since these entrepreneurs will often only have a handful of motherplants that they will clone into offsprings. This improves efficiency and consistence, but will make an entire grow very vulnerable to any pathogens that enter the ecosystem since it will spread very quickly and viciously. To make matters worse, Kevin mentioned how many cannabis growers do not have crop insurance due to the semi-illegal nature of cannabis, which makes diseases all the more financially devastating to

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