The Birmingham man making cannabis oil at home – and giving it away free

A Birmingham property developer has told how he is making his own cannabis oil at home – and giving it away free to terminally ill people.

In an unassuming suburban home in a modern housing estate, Satnam Bains* quietly distills litres of his own cannabis oil in a makeshift garage laboratory.

The 42-year-old made it his business to learn how to make oil after his younger brother was diagnosed with kidney cancer last year, reports the Huffpost

“It came from nowhere and floored us all. He was just 32 and a high-flying civil engineer,” he said.

“There wasn’t much the doctors could do apart from send him home with a fistful of drugs to take and morphine to self-administer for the chronic pain.”

Cannabis oil – pix courtesy of Amardeep Bassey

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