Eight-Course Cannabis Dinner to Benefit Parkinson’s Research

“I never really intended to get into the world of fusing cannabis and cuisines, and I always kind of wrote that off,” Harry explains. “But this whole thing unfolded naturally, and I’m starting to see more potential with that.”

Because of their passion for cannabis and creating organic flavors, the chefs knew this could be an opportunity to create a unique experience for guests. Every course will be served fresh and mapped out to offer more than a traditional fine-dining experience. Menu items include kombu-citrus-cured scallop sashimi, pine ice cream, wild mushrooms, gingerbread, forest herbs and a skunky Jack Herer aroma. Most of the fruits and vegetables served will be picked right from Harry’s garden in Denver, he adds.

Inscoe gained experience with fine dining in New York City kitchens.

Dinner guests will have the option of pairing their meals with THC

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