Study Finds Teens Who Vape More Likely to Consume Cannabis Later

The peer-reviewed medical journal Pediatrics has just published a new study on the relationship between teen tobacco use and subsequent cannabis use in teens. Researchers already know that smoking cigarettes can lead to trying marijuana, consuming it more often, and potentially lead to developing dependencies on both tobacco and cannabis. But studies have so far only looked at conventional tobacco products like cigarettes. Today, however, it’s far more common for teens to vape e-cigs than smoke cigarettes, and researchers are keen to find out whether teens who vape are also more likely to consume cannabis later.

Study Prompts Debate Over E-Cigs and Marijuana Use

Concerns over a “high school vaping epidemic” can be heard from all corners of the country. And while epidemic might be a bit alarmist, it is true that tobacco use is up among adolescents nationwide. According to the latest data, more than 11 percent

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