INSA cannabis dispensaries in Easthampton and Springfield to participate in patient research

EASTHAMPTON — While medical marijuana is now legal in 29 states, there’s not much statistical data on the patient experience, according to a local cannabis CEO.

“The lack of organized research serves as a roadblock on our way to fully understanding the plant and its effects,” said Mark Zatryka, CEO of INSA, which operates medical marijuana dispensaries in Easthampton and Springfield.

Zatyrka said with better data on how cannabis is used medicinally, dispensaries can develop best practices and offer standardized information to patients.

To support that effort, INSA is now partnering with the Cannabis Community Care and Research Network, known as C3RN, which has launched a longitudinal, anonymous survey of medical marijuana patients.

“We are all craving more data, which is why we are behind this research effort 100 percent,” said Zatyrka.

The study by C3RN will look at who actually uses medical marijuana, in what form, how often, to treat what ailments, the experience

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