Cannabis-Derived Oil Works Wonders On Waldwick Toddler, Mom Says

No grass beneath her feet. No shoes either. No loud or sudden noises and minimal stimulation.

This was only the beginning of an extensive list of triggers that Waldwick’s Chiara Agudelo says sent her 3-year-old daughter, Audrey, into full-blown panic attacks.

Over the years, Agudelo has tried of variety of therapies to address her daughter’s sensory processing disorder. In May, she tried cannabidiol (CBD) oil — this particular one THC free — and the lone remedy that she says consistently provides relief.

Is it legal? Not technically. Could Agudelo face penalties? Perhaps — more likely, judgements from other parents, she says.

Is it working? Absolutely, she says.

“Audrey has been doing phenomenally,” said Agudelo formerly of Fair Lawn. “She lets me brush her hair and braid it. She wants to put shoes on and go to the mall. CBD oil has given her the boost that she’s needed.”

Derived from hemp

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