Marijuana As a Cancer Treatment? This Study Offers Early Promise

Big things are happening in the legal-marijuana landscape.

In the U.S., the Republican-leaning state of Oklahoma voted to approve a medicinal-cannabis measure on its ballot in June, becoming the 30th state to green-light medical pot. Republicans traditionally have a more negative view on weed than Democrats or independents, which makes this approval that much more intriguing.

To our north, Canada is preparing to open the floodgates to legalized recreational marijuana. Parliament officially passed the Cannabis Act on June 19, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau set an official sales launch date of Oct. 17. When legal, the Canadian cannabis industry could be looking at an annual influx of up to $5 billion a year.

Image source: Getty Images.

Are you overlooking marijuana’s medical potential?

But for as much focus as has been given to legalizing marijuana throughout various regions in North America, you may have overlooked the promise marijuana and its cannabinoids

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