Canada’s First Cannabis-Specialized Contract Research Organization

Trusted by 2,000 referring physicians across the province of Quebec, Santé Cannabis’ unique service offering as a CRO is built on the expertise of assessing more than 5,000 patients, the collection of a world-leading database of medical cannabis patient experience and the development of a diverse spectrum of medical cannabis clinical trials, including two Health Canada approved clinical trials currently recruiting at the clinic.

“The greatest obstacle to a patient’s access to cannabis is the limited clinical, scientific evidence,” said Erin Prosk, President and Co-Founder of Santé Cannabis.  ”For years now, we have heard about the lack of evidence to support the medical use of cannabis, we can’t just keep talking about it. Our patients deserve better, they need action. At Santé Cannabis, we are committed to building the body of scientific evidence and to leading medical cannabis products into the pharmacy and into prescription drug coverage.”

Leading medical cannabis

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