Pot Topics: Rauner signs ‘Ashley’s Law;’ More cannabis jobs in Illinois – Chicago Sun

Pot Topics is a weekly collection of cannabis-related news curated by the Chicago Sun-Times. Here’s what’s happening this week in Chicago and around the country:

  • Gov. Rauner signs bill allowing school children to use medical cannabis
  • Nevada cannabis sales have already surpassed year-end projections
  • Studies show Oregon has a weed oversupply, while Colorado has a well-balanced market
  • Michigan Democrats hope marijuana legalization measure will activate the youth vote
  • Study finds that more cannabis jobs are opening up in here in Chicago and around the state of Illinois

Rauner OKs allowing medical cannabis for students at school

Gov. Bruce Rauner signed a law Wednesday allowing parents to administer medical cannabis to eligible children while they’re at school.

The law allows parents or guardians to give kids a “cannabis-infused product” on school property or a school bus if both the parent and child have been cleared by the state’s medical marijuana law. It also

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