Cannabis converts helping North Texas veterans find relief

DALLAS — Cannabinoid oil, legal to use but not easy to get in Texas, is showing promise in helping veterans manage chronic pain and anxiety.

It is not marijuana, but cannabinoid oil, known as CBD oil, is derived from cannabis. Because of that, the Veterans Administration cannot prescribe it, or help veterans get it. So, someone else is stepping in.

“I just think a lot of people don’t know,” said Donna Cranston, founder and CEO of Defenders of Freedom, a non-profit organization that assists veterans with financial needs.

Cranston, at one point in time, believed all cannabis products were marijuana and anything that had to do with marijuana was bad. “I was that mom that had zero tolerance for it and held my kids’ feet to the fire,” she said.

It still surprises her a bit that she is now helping veterans access something made from hemp. “It really is two different things,” she

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