Ask the doctors: Cannabinoids’ effect on glucose control still not yet understood – The Spokesman

Dear Doctor: I have Type 1 diabetes and have used marijuana for years to control my blood sugar. I’ve seen my blood sugar drop 100 points in five minutes with marijuana, a lot faster than my Humalog insulin can manage. Why is that? Will medical marijuana ever go mainstream?

Dear Reader: Marijuana, or cannabis, contains more than 100 active chemical compounds. Known as cannabinoids, each of them behaves differently in the body. As the number of states that allow the use of cannabis for medical purposes continues to grow, so does the body of evidence that many of the compounds found within the plant have therapeutic potential. The most common use of cannabis in the United States right now is for pain control. It’s also widely used for anxiety, to manage nausea and has been shown to be effective in reducing inflammation. It also shows promise in managing symptoms of

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