Israeli marijuana researchers to open first US clinic in Laguna Woods

Israel has been, for decades, the global leader in medical marijuana research and treatment, with the government funding human clinical trials even as the United States and other countries discouraged or criminalized such studies.

Now, a company formed by doctors and nurses involved in some of Israel’s pioneering cannabis research is working to open its first American clinic in Laguna Woods.

Israel-based NiaMedic is promising to offer conventional medical care alongside what company leaders describe as research-backed cannabis treatment aimed at seniors. The focus will be on the use of cannabis to handle pain management, physical rehabilitation, insomnia and other conditions linked to aging.

“Right now, it’s scary to get older,” said Alon Blatt, NiaMedic’s director of business development. “We’re showing people that there’s a better way.”

The clinic is on track to open in late August, just outside the gates to Laguna Woods Village. Though an exact location isn’t nailed down, Blatt said they already

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