Veterans Deserve Cannabis. Here’s How You Can Help

United States Veterans are two times more likely to succumb to accidental overdose, and we’re losing more than 20 of them to suicide every day. But cannabis could help. According to a survey conducted by the American Legion back in 2017, 82 percent of all veterans and caregivers want to have cannabis available as a federally legal treatment, 92 percent support research into medical cannabis, and 20 percent of veterans report that they are already using cannabis to treat their medical or physical conditions.

As time, the American people, and veterans themselves continue to favor legalization, we’ll start to see more and more support for veterans’ right to non-opioid medication. In the meantime, here are just a few ways to help US veterans get access to cannabis.

Support Cannabis Organizations that Support Veterans

Whether you’re hoping to donate time, money, or social media exposure, there are an encouraging number of

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