Cannabis oil fight for boy who might die before he gets it

It costs just £36 a bottle and the family of Charlie Jones believe it could save his life.

But Charlie’s grandfather has said his family simply can’t wait the “months” it could take for them to get cannabis oil to treat the six-year-old’s daily seizures.

Charlie suffers with Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH) – a very rare genetic disorder which leads to abnormally high levels of a molecule called glycine and causes serious health problems.

The condition affects his organs and brain and, for example, it means he has seizures every day.

Grandfather Ian Gilmore, from the Killay area of Swansea , said that, for years, he had been trying to get Charlie cannabis oil as he thought it might reduce the number of seizures he had.

He has around 70 to 80 seizures a day – including cluster seizures, when he can have up to 30 of in five minutes.