The Best-Selling Cannabis Oil Cartridges in Colorado as Told by Budtenders

Cannabis vape pens have come a long way since their earliest iterations. What began as a small selection of pens with questionable hardware and ingredients, high-quality oil cartridges have since become one of the most popular products available at cannabis dispensaries. Nowadays, there are now so many quality cartridges to choose from, the hardest part is making a selection.

Find Vape Pens at a Dispensary Near You

That’s why I talked with Colorado budtenders to figure out their favorite oil cartridges. Find out their top recommendations and where to find them below!

CRx Live Resin Cartridge

Best Colorado vape pen cartridge # 1: CRx Live Resin Cartridge
(Courtesy of Concentrate Remedies)

Check these menus for it:

A budtender at Natural Remedies in Denver turned me on to Concentrate

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