Northern Irish girl waiting for cannabis oil licence hospitalised

A seven-year-old from Northern Ireland, waiting to hear if she will be granted a licence to be treated with medicinal cannabis oil, has been admitted to hospital after suffering a severe seizure.

Sophia Gibson, from Newtownards in Co Down, has an extreme form of epilepsy which can lead to frequent fits. Her parents, Danielle and Darren Gibson, have applied for a licence to use cannabis oil to help her condition but have yet to hear a response from the Home Office, which is reviewing the benefits of the oil for medical use.

Gibson’s parents have argued that this licence should be granted immediately. “No parent wants to see their child like this, and there are so many other children like Sophia, something needs to be done, there has been too much stalling (around medicinal cannabis),” said Danielle Gibson.

Sophia is now in intensive care in

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