This Cannabis Company Is Going Public With CBD Oil

Another cannabis stock is gearing up to trade publicly on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE). Tree of Knowledge Inc. (TOK) is the latest company to apply for a listing application on the market, following a growing list that includes headline-making companies such as MedMen (CNSX:MMEN) and The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX:TGOD.

TOK is in the final stretch of its CSE application with plans to raise $7 million in private placement capital as it goes public. Market analysts say the stock will have a strong market position, with a reportedly excellent and experienced management team and significant growth opportunities.

If the stock listing is approved, investors will have the chance to invest in an international cannabis company that has cannabidiol, or CBD oil products on three continents. The global market for CBD is ever increasing due to the promise CBD shows as a potential treatment for a variety

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