Cannabis users exhibit increased brain activity at rest, study finds

New research provides evidence that cannabis users have a “noisier” brain compared to non-users. The study, published in the scientific journal NeuroImage, found that cannabis users had increased brain activity when at rest.

“The cannabis literature has generally focused on changes in brain function when engaged in a task,” said study author Shikha Prashad of the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas.

“We were interested in examining whether these differences are present when not engaged in a task (i.e., during resting state) to understand baseline functional organization of the brain as it may reflect changes in brain networks underlying cognition. We also wanted to investigate whether specific brain waves, as measured by EEG, are associated with measures of cannabis use, such as craving.”

The researchers used electroencephalography to compare the brain activity of 17 cannabis users to 21 non-cannabis users. They found that users exhibited increased activity

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