‘The Results Were Almost Immediate’: Quebec Shelter Uses Cannabis Oil For Sick Animals

For about 3 months now, a Canadian animal shelter has been treating sick animals with cannabis oil to great effect.

The Sainte-Béatrix, Quebec based animal shelter Nymous is currently nursing 36 animals back to health—most of them sustaining injuries after being hit by cars. Co-Founder Jacques Lessard says cannabis oil has become the medication of choice when treating animals like Lou the raccoon, who’s been suffering from body spasms since developing to hypothermia. The cannabis oil “lowered the intensity of her spasms,” Lessard said.

It has also proven effective for more severely injured animals. A skunk named Gaby had lost the use of her back legs, and parts of her brain have atrophied, but with the use of cannabis oil she has regained some of her mobility.

“The results were almost immediate for Gaby. She’s stopped trembling. It seems to have helped her have better co-ordination, better balance, and hasn’t stupefied her.”

But while

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