Long-term cannabis study finds no significant relief for chronic pain

Marijuana enthusiasts are in for a reckoning. While legalization is creating a billion-dollar industry and new champions are emerging from every angle, it’s also opening doors for new scientific research. Though marijuana is being shown to be helpful in a variety of ways, such as reducing opioid addiction rates in American states with legalized weed, not every anecdotal success story is holding up to closer scrutiny. 

New research from UNSW Sydney tracked 1,514 people suffering from chronic non-cancer pain for a median time span of a decade. At the end of this four-year study, one of the longest of its kind, the marijuana group reported experiencing more pain, did not cope with their pain as well, and said that pain interfered with their lives more than non-cannabis opioid users. 

A number of factors are at play. Firstly, a high percentage of participants suffered from mental

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