Quebec shelter treating wounded animals with cannabis oil

On the surface, Lou and Gaby look nothing alike.

But the pair of sick animals — a raccoon and a skunk, respectively — have something in common: they are both being treated with cannabis oil at a shelter in Quebec’s Laurentians region.

Jacques Lessard, co-founder of the Centre-refuge Nymous, an animal shelter in Sainte-Béatrix, Que., says the unorthodox treatment is working.

Gaby’s hind legs don’t work and part of her brain has atrophied, while Lou, a female raccoon, suffers from body spasms resulting from a bout of hypothermia.

“The results were almost immediate for Gaby. She’s stopped trembling. It seems to have helped her have better co-ordination, better balance, and hasn’t stupefied her,” Lessard told Radio-Canada.

For Lou, the cannabis oil “lowered the intensity of her spasms,” he said.

Jacques Lessard, the co-founder of the animal shelter, says he’s seen the conditions of a sick raccoon and skunk improve after they were given cannabis oil.