Major study finds ‘no evidence’ that cannabis relieves chronic pain

A large study stretching over a 4-year period challenges popular beliefs, as it finds “no evidence” that cannabis use improves the symptoms of chronic pain.

Rather than improving them, cannabis may worsen symptoms of chronic pain, suggests a new study.

More and more people are taking prescription opioids for pain management, making the phenomenon “an emerging public health concern globally.”

Of all the countries in the world, North America has the “proportionally highest” use of prescription opioids.

Due to opioids’ side effects and highly addictive nature, researchers and patients alike are now turning to medical marijuana, or cannabis, as a potentially safer alternative.

In particular, managing chronic pain that is not related to cancer is the most commonly reported reason for marijuana’s medical use — at least in the United States.

Also, among those prescribed opioids for chronic pain management, the hope is that cannabis would help them to reduce

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