Couple launch new business with cannabis at its heart

A Plymouth couple has started up their own company – and it involves cannabis.

Cefyn and Kirsty Jones came up with the idea to launch their own cannabinoid (CBD) drops in 2016, and have now got to the stage where they’re crowdfunding to pay for a premises to get their product out there.

The pair, who live in Lee Mill, started LuvBud about a year and a half ago – they already had an interest in herbal plants and their benefits which they wanted to explore further.

Cefyn and Kirsty Jones

Cefyn and Kirsty Jones
(Image: Erin Black)

Since gaining more and more recognition and with similar CBD products being stocked on the shelves of high street health shops, the acceptance of the use of legal hemp and CBD is growing.

For Cefyn and Kirsty, their cannabis business started when they found a man Devon

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