Congress Calls On VA To Study Medical Marijuana To Treat PTSD


Members of Congress are calling on the Department of Veterans Affairs to study medical marijuana for treating veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress and chronic pain. Now, if the VA does this, it’d actually be a little late to the game. From member station KAZU in California, Krista Almanzan on reports.

KRISTA ALMANZAN, BYLINE: The walls of Lenny and Evelyn Bernstein’s house are covered with the signs of lives well lived. Abstract portraits of each hang alongside crisp jazz photographs taken by Lenny. Tucked in a corner just past the kitchen is a wall dedicated to his military service. There’s a picture of his unit after basic training in 1943 and a case full of medals.

LENNY BERNSTEIN: Well, the ones I’m most proud of – the Purple Heart,

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