See how law changes limits on cannabis oil, if you can find it

When post-traumatic stress disorder and intractable pain are officially added today as conditions treatable by an oil made with marijuana plants, patients and their families still face an uphill battle to get their hands on it.

House Bill 65 added conditions to the low THC oil medical marijuana registry, which allows qualified people to have 20 fluid ounces of the oil that in Georgia can have no more than 5 percent THC content. THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical that causes the high from marijuana use.

For pain physician Dr. Tennent Slack at Northeast Georgia Medical Center, it’s a “reasonable trade” to replace an opioid medication.

“It’s not that cannabinoids are perfect. They certainly can be habit-forming, but they are way, way safer than opioids,” he said.

Intractable pain is defined by the law as “pain that cannot be removed and other methods have been tried for at least six months without adequate

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