Marijuana Isn’t Gateway Drug to Heroin, Cocaine, Other Substances, Study Finds

Mahmud stresses, “We weren’t looking for causation,” as a scientific study might. “We were looking for a correlation. And we didn’t find that was the case.”

LiveStories is “the Bloomberg for civic data,” Mahmud maintains. “We collect data about how people live: everything from the unemployment rate to income to rents to cancer rates to graduation rates — all the data we can find about quality of life. Then we bring it together and analyze it in connection to different topics. Last year, we did a massive analysis of the gender-pay gap around the country in different cities and looked at the opioid epidemic. And for this report, we decided to take a deep dive into marijuana legalization.”

Specifically, the analysis looked at data from Colorado, Washington, Oregon and Alaska, all of which have legalized limited recreational marijuana sales, and then compared it to

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