Investigation: Leading cancer professor on trial suggesting medical cannabis may keep patients alive longer

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A LEADING cancer specialist whose patients took part in a clinical trial for a cannabis-based drug believes the results are “encouraging.”

Professor Anthony Chalmers, head of clinical oncology at Glasgow University, said the results revealing a cannabis drug called Sativex may prolong a patient’s life should be followed by more extensive research.

His comment came as some patients with brain tumours illegally import medical cannabis to treat tumours previously labelled incurable.

The legality of medical cannabis is under review by the Home Office after the mother of a severely epileptic boy was stopped at Heathrow while returning from Canada with a supply.

Professor Chalmers’ patients were part of an international drug study showing 83% of patients were alive a year later compared with 53% of those who did not get the cannabis drug.

The highly aggressive tumours, glioblastomas, normally leave most

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