Study concludes marijuana makes TV awesome, doesn’t make you an idiot

While we should never be dismissive of the discoveries revealed as a result of surveys, sometimes their findings just enforce the idea of ‘no doy’.

Take, for example, the groundbreaking discovery that smoking weed makes TV, just, heaps more fun.

Ah, yeah, no doy.

However, this wasn’t a case of scientists going out and finding data to back up a simple truth we all already knew. Instead, this was a survey of 800 legal cannabis consumers in the United States with the aim of finding out just how different the stock character of ‘stoner’ from TV and movies differs from the person who partakes in cannabis consumption with the law on their side.

One of the major findings was that marijuana users don’t appreciate the way they’re represented, with seven out of ten subjects saying “too many TV shows portray cannabis consumers as stereotypically silly and forgetful stoners”.

But perhaps the biggie to

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