Over 80% of pharmacists support reclassifying cannabis for medicinal use

Doctor holding bottle of medical marijuana

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The Misuse of Drugs Act is a piece of legislation which has prevented research into the use of medicinal cannabis

Cannabis should be rescheduled within the Misuse of Drugs Act to allow research to take place, say the vast majority of respondents to a Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) survey.

Cannabis and cannabis-derived products are currently listed under Schedule 1 of the Act, meaning they are considered to have no known medicinal value and cannot legally be purchased or prescribed for medicinal use. Moving cannabis to Schedule 2 would allow for licensed cannabis-based medicines to be prescribed and possessed lawfully by patients with a prescription. It would also enable research into the medicinal properties of cannabis, potentially leading to new cannabis-derived medicinal products.

The RPS carried out a survey and asked pharmacists whether they believed that cannabis should

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