Study: 44% of Cannabis Consumers in Adult-Use States Identify as Medical Users

A new study published by High Yield Insights has found that 44% of cannabis consumers in legal, adult-use marketplaces self-identify as medical users. According to the study, the three most common reasons for self-medicating with cannabis are as pain relief (69 percent of respondents), sleep aids (65 percent), and anti-anxiety medication (54 percent).

“The industry generally understands that the adult use consumer differs significantly from the medical user. We saw an opportunity to quantify this customer segment’s behaviors and preferences in a way to yield deeper understanding and reveal untapped market opportunities.” Mike Luce, co-founder of High Yield Insights, in a press release

The report suggests that medical users are twice as likely to check CBD content when they purchase a cannabis product (47 percent of medical users, compared to 25 percent of recreational users). Medical users also express a higher demand for

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