Youth cannabis users more likely to have poor health, more debt: 10-year UVic study

WATCH: A 10-year UVic study says that youth who use cannabis may be more likely to have poor health and more debt. Isabelle Raghem reports. 

With Canada on the brink of legalizing recreational marijuana, new findings by University of Victoria psychologist Bonnie Leadbeater have identified specific patterns of cannabis use by youth.

“Our hope is that this work sheds light on how young Canadians use cannabis across adolescence and young adulthood,” says Leadbeater, who participated in the studies conducted with three other researchers. “We now understand better what predicts different patterns of use and how these patterns contribute to mental health and well-being of youth.”

The four researchers examined data from an earlier Victoria Healthy Youth Survey, a longitudinal study led by Leadbeater and conducted by UVic and Island Health.

That study spanned a decade (2003-2013) of repeat interviews with 662 young people from Greater Victoria as a random sample of a cohort from ages 12

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