Targeting cancer with cannabis

“My disappointment with my second degree in cancer research is one of the reasons that I’m here,” says Eyal Ballan, VP technology and one of the founders of Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OTC: CNBX). “I became disappointed in chemotherapy, in the rigid science that rules out interesting ideas.”

The disappointment led Ballan to brain research, and to involvement in medical research from a more holistic point of view. For a while he also worked in biofeedback.

“Five years ago, Itamar Borochov, who previously mainly dealt in real estate and in consultation for young companies, decided to found a cannabis company,” Ballan relates. “His approach exactly matched my desire to come nearer to natural medicine and to drugs that work on both body and soul. When you give a pain killer to a cancer patient, have you eased a pain in the body or in the soul? Today it is becoming

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