Northern Irish mum faces arrest over cannabis oil she bought in Canada to treat ill son’s seizures

A MUM from Northern Ireland could face arrest at Heathrow Airport today over cannabis oil she is attempting to bring back to the UK to help treat her ill son’s seizures.

Charlotte Caldwell from Castlederg, County Tyrone, flew to Toronto with her son last week to purchase the oil that has helped reduce the number of potentially deadly epileptic seizures suffered by her young son Billy.

The 12-year-old, who can suffer anywhere up to 100 seizures a day, made headlines last year when he became the first UK patient to receive an NHS prescription for medicinal cannabis – but his situation has since changed.

Last month, the Home Office put a stop to Billy’s prescriptions, forcing his mother Charlotte to take drastic action.

Together with her son, they flew out to Canada to seek help from The Hospital for Sick Children, in Toronto.

Specialists at the Canadian hospital subsequently placed Billy on an ongoing clinical trial

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