Mum vows to defy drugs laws to ‘openly smuggle’ cannabis oil into …

Mum vows to defy drugs laws to 'openly smuggle' cannabis oil into Britain
Charlotte Caldwell with her son Billy (Picture: Photopress Belfast)

A mother who credits cannabis oil with saving her son’s life plans to ‘openly smuggle’ it into Heathrow in protest at Britain’s drugs laws.

Charlotte Caldwell bought the medicine legally in Canada and said she planned to bring it back on a plane with her then declare it at customs today.

‘I will ask them if they will let me keep this safe, regulated medicine that has kept my little boy alive – or are they going to take it off me, condemning my son to possible death?’ Ms Caldwell told the Daily Mail.

‘If they confiscate Billy’s medicine and arrest me, they are signing his death warrant.’

Her son Billy, 12, suffers from autism and severe epilepsy.

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