Billy Caldwell’s cannabis meds battle may end in arrest for mum at Heathrow

Charlotte Caldwell flies into London on Monday carrying outlawed medicinal cannabis and will face arrest or change history in the UK.

The mum from Castlederg, Co Tyrone, travelled to Toronto last Thursday to source the oil her son Billy has relied on to keep potentially deadly epileptic seizures at bay for months.

Now doctors in Canada’s leading children’s hospital have placed Billy on a clinical trial of the medication which is awaiting peer review.

Richard Pengelly, the Permanent Secretary at the Department for Health in Northern Ireland, and the Chief Medical Officer were furnished with the full documents of clinical trial data and the ingredients in the doses on Sunday night.

The Canadian trial is ongoing but early data supports the use of medicinal cannabis oil for patients like Billy.

The 12-year-old made history when he became the first UK recipient of an NHS prescription for medicinal cannabis last year.

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