Cancer symptoms: Lung tumour shrunk ‘with cannabidiol CBD oil …

Lung cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the UK, according to the NHS, with almost 45,000 people diagnosed with the condition every year in the UK.

The outlook for lung cancer patients isn’t as good as many other types of cancer, the NHS reports, with one in three patients living for at least a year after their initial diagnosis.

But one man is set to buck that trend and has revealed almost three years after his lung cancer diagnosis, he has reduced the size of his tumour in a revolutionary way.

Garry Hill, 83, claims cannabidiol (CBD) oil helped to reduce the size of his tumour – one of the substances that comes from the cannabis plant, and can be used as a food supplement.

The Leek, Staffordshire resident was diagnosed with lung cancer in early autumn 2016, after suffering from persistent breathlessness.

However, the NHS explains on its website symptoms

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