Attitudes seem to be changing, CBD oil without THC now legal in …

A Mission, Kansas store owner can now legally advertise his store as a “Cannabis Oil Shop.”

CBD oil is a product derived from hemp. Many believe it can help with anxiety and other health concerns.

This store owner says the oil’s popularity at the shop is overwhelming.

From day one, Eddie Smith, owner of Into the Mystic, believed in the healing properties of CBD oil.

“It got me off of my blood pressure medicine, arthritis medicine, and Lorazepam,” said Smith.

That’s why he’s back to selling it just weeks after its use became legal in Kansas.

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound found in hemp that’s believed to relieve or at least ease all sorts of health problems.

“It’s half my business,” said Smith.

But last year, Smith didn’t know if this day would come. His goods were confiscated by police. And just last February, state lawmakers were speaking out against CBD products.


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