Ade Raphael Used Cannabis to Treat the Pain of Chemotherapy

Trail Blazers is a series of portraits by photographer Maria Levitov, spotlighting cannabis consumers from all walks of life.

Ade Raphael was diagnosed with cancer shortly after moving to Denver, but the transgender female didn’t let intense chemotherapy and radiotherapy sessions hamper her creativity. Using cannabis to help treat the fatigue, nausea and pain brought on by chemotherapy, Raphael has overcome long odds to survive a disease that attacks one’s ability to breathe, speak and hear.

Ade Raphael Used Cannabis to Treat the Pain of ChemotherapyEXPAND

“My name is Ade Raphael, and I’m 29 years old. I was born and raised in Saint Croix of the United States Virgin Islands. I prefer she/her pronouns. I graduated from Vassar College in 2012. My life passions include design, creating visual art, music, dance, physics, magic and

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