Pennsylvania Marijuana Dispensaries Join Michigan Pain Study

Colorado-based Honest Marijuana Company takes an all-natural and sustainable approach to cannabis, a business model that has earned it a loyal customer base and consistently high wholesale prices, according to Founder and Head Grower Anthony Franciosi.

The small indoor cultivation facility specializes in soil-grown, pesticide-free, all-organic cannabis, using plant-based nutrients and sustainable inputs to fuel the growing process in a way that has the least impact on the environment. Average wholesale prices in Colorado have dropped 23 percent in the past year, according to Cannabis Benchmarks, but Honest Marijuana Company’s craft-style nuances fetch it $2,000 per pound, and it often sells out of flower, Franciosi says.

“Our idea is we let the genetics shine and just use the best ingredients we can to try to create the most wholesome product,” he says.

The way the plant eats determines whether it is organic or nonorganic, Franciosi says. Synthetic fertilizers use

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