Little research available on risks of combining cannabis, prescriptions – The Spokesman

Many of us have faced a familiar temptation. Following a spirited night of drinking, we can’t sleep. So we look in the medicine cabinet for something to help us nod off.

If we’re smart, though, we refrain. Mixing medications with alcohol is seldom a good idea.

But listen: this warning applies to cannabis, too. Mixing medications with marijuana products can be detrimental to your health – especially if you aren’t being guided by a physician.

As with anything involving cannabis use, all sorts of caveats abound.

One is that there hasn’t been enough research conducted on the effects of cannabis by itself or with other products. This is largely because the U.S. government still considers cannabis to be dangerous and lists it as a Schedule 1 drug (same category as cocaine and heroin), which restricts funding for studies.

Another is that, as with most drugs, cannabis can affect different people in different ways. The

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