New Study Highlights The Social Impacts Of Cannabis Legalization In California

More cannabis consumers live in the suburbs and small towns of California than they did a year ago.

The most visible effect of cannabis legalization in California is the soon-to-be multi-billion-dollar industry. What’s less visible–but arguably of equal significance– are the myriad ways it’s impacted society. A recent study by BDS Analytics, a cannabis industry market trend and research group, suggests the impact of legalization has shifted Californians’ attitudes, opinions, motivations and actions in regards to cannabis. It also reveals an abundance of details about those who consume, accept and reject the plant, not only illustrating a shift in social culture, but also indicating—at least in the Golden State— cannabis’ archaic stigma is en route to extinction.

The survey assessed 1,001 California residents over 21-years-old in the first quarter of 2017, benchmarking public opinions and behaviors toward legal cannabis. Another group of 1,008 people was then evaluated

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