Growers say medical marijuana research dispensaries will unfairly flood market – Tribune

Updated 56 minutes ago

Pennsylvania’s pioneering medical marijuana research initiative faces a potential roadblock, barely three months after retailers began dispensing cannabis products.

A group of commercial medical marijuana licensees claim the state changed the rules governing the research initiative months after they invested millions of dollars in licensing and start-up costs. Now, they want a judge to put a hold on research regulations they contend would “flood the commercial market for medical marijuana” and hurt their business.

Commonwealth Court Judge Patricia McCullough is weighing a petition from 11 licensed marijuana growers and dispensaries seeking an injunction to halt action on a state-sanctioned cannabis research initiative at eight academic medical centers, including the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Medicine.

Medical research was a key component of the state’s medical marijuana law. This week, Gov. Tom Wolf announced that ... read more at: